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    cOmmunication Platform for TraffIc ManAgement demonstrator
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    A modular Integration Layer for Traffic Management Systems
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    A Shift2Rail IP2 project supporting TD 2.9 "Traffic Management Evolution"


Over the last decades, main Infrastructures Managers (IMs) have deployed Traffic Management Systems (TMS) which have been used to manage the operation of the railway system. However, the existing interfaces of the TMS were not developed considering the scalability of the system and were generally constituted of proprietary ad-hoc solutions limited to the core TMS. Therefore, the integration of new interfaces with additional rail business and information services will require a duplication of ICT resources and large recurrent expenditures. Another disadvantage of the current TMS is the lack of standardization in their interfaces which does not allow for the full potential benefits of developing rail business and information services such as the interoperability of the system with other similar TMS , to be taken advantage of.



4th International Conference on Reliability, Safety and Security of Railway Systems (Paris 1st & 2nd June 2022)

On June1st, Airy Magnien from UIC presented during the session "Innovation in Traffic management" the paper "Formalization and Processing of Data Requirements for the Development of Next Generation Railway Traffic Management Systems" which was focused on the results of the Common Data Model (CDM) definition, activity performed within the WP6 of OPTIMA project. The ...

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OPTIMA Oral Presentation at World Congress on Railway Research 2022 (WCRR 2022)

On Monday 18th October the Organising and Executive Committees of WCRR 2022 confirmed the acceptance of the abstract with title Communication platform for testing of novel technologies for railway traffic management systems for an Oral presentation at this prestigious International Research Congress - WCRR 2022. Gabriele Cecchetti Technical Leader of the OPTIMA project will provide an ...

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Kick-off meeting successfully held in Brussels

The OPTIMA project kick-off was held in Brussels on 22 January 2020. The event was divided in two sessions, starting with a first session dedicated to the analysis of the alignment with the complementary projects and finalising with the second one more focused on the presentation of the OPTIMA project. The first session gathers not only project partners but also representatives of complementary ...

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Final Conference

We are delighted to invite you to the Final Conference of OPTIMA. The event offers a great opportunity to receive an insight into the Communication Platform for Traffic Management demonstrator, establish a proactive and instructive dialogue with projects partners and participate in the presentation of the main results and achievements of the project. (Registration at the event website)

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