Technical objectives

In line with the scope of the S2R-OC-IP2-02-2019 call, OPTIMA will contribute to the goals of TD 2.9, and especially to the following technical targets, as shown in the following table:

S2R-OC-IP2-02-2019 targets
OPTIMA Technical Objectives

Delivery of HW and System SW (RHE Linux) needed for Integration Layer, Application Framework and Operators Workstation both connected to the Integration Layer;

TO 1 – Configuration, setup and delivery of HW and SW dedicated to the IL, AF, and Operator workstations, the last two connected to the IL.

Configuration of the middleware of the Integration Layer to support the Conceptual Data Model, and all specified communication and data management processes for Integration Layer, Application Framework, Operators Workstation and WEB-IF.

TO 2 – Configuration of middleware of Integration Layer

Integration […] of the following clients/services:
a.  at least 2 interlockings,
b.  2 Radio Block Centers for ETCS Level 2 operations,
c.  Web-IF to exchange data with external clients for weather forecast and passenger information systems;
d.  Three operator workstations linked with Integration Layer and being able to manage and display Traffic Management Traffic Control functionalities, Energy (Grid) and Asset (infrastructure) status. It shall also be able to present data coming from external clients/services via WEB-IF to the operator;
e.  Application Framework to host applications for Traffic Management and Traffic Control;
f.  Maintenance Service Management System to the level to subscribe to traffic status and to publish asset fore and now cast information;
g.  Preferable Energy (Grid) Management Control System.

TO 3 – Integration of rail business services and external services
TO 4 – Integration of operator workstations
TO 5 – Integration of Application Framework

Configuration of 3 Databases attached to the Integration Layer:
a.  Geographical Database;
b.  Time Table Database;
c.  Vehicle Database.

TO 6 – Derive the data structures directly from the Conceptual Data Model (CDM)
TO 7 – Configuration one database, including “Geographical”, “Time-table” and “Vehicle” aspects and their relationships, as the persistence layer attached to the Integration Layer

First level support to the installation, commissioning and testing phase of the prototypes of the S2R X2RAIL2/4 prototypes.

TO 8 – First Level Support for installation, commissioning and testing phase of the prototypes of the S2R X2RAIL2/4 prototypes

Validation of the system including Modules from TD2.9 activities/work package of S2R-CFM-IP2-01-2019 and CCA WA4.2 activities work package of S2R-CFM-CCA-01-2019 as agreed in the Project Plan.

TO 9 – Validation of the demonstrator

TO 10 – Validation of the external activities/work package of the complementary projects