Kick-off meeting successfully held in Brussels

9 April 2020

The OPTIMA project kick-off was held in Brussels on 22 January 2020. The event was divided in two sessions, starting with a first session dedicated to the analysis of the alignment with the complementary projects and finalising with the second one more focused on the presentation of the OPTIMA project.
The first session gathers not only project partners but also representatives of complementary projects Roland Kuhn and Philippe Prieels from X2Rail4 and Allan Young from Fine-2. A fruitful discussion was held to stablish the basis of the collaboration among the projects. 
The second session was official and was introduced by Lea Paties, Shift2Rail IP2 programme manager, welcoming the participants and highlighting S2R's expectations in regards the project and presenting key administrative, financial and legal aspects. The rest of the session was dedicated to the illustration of general and technical aspects of the OPTIMA Project by Coordinator Jose Bertolin, Technical Leader Gabriele Cecchetti and Work Package’s leaders focused in the objectives, tasks and timeline for each Work Package.